My name is Theresa Smith and I am a results driven UI Designer and Senior Art Director elevating brands spanning interactive and traditional print mediums for award-winning agencies and globally renowned clients. Proven ability to develop strong visual solutions while working on multiple projects with clients, design teams, project managers, content strategists, and developers to maintain proficiency in production, meeting deadlines and exceed expectations.

I hold a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Sociology from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. I am based in Truckee, California working independently as a design consultant under Sirris Design, focusing on building digital products and brands from concept to launch, working for startups and digital design agencies as well as large and small businesses throughout the United States.

I specialize in UI/UX, interaction design, responsive design, art direction, product design, branding and identity systems for an array of clients across sectors in ecommerce, outdoor, travel, technology, fashion, real estate, finance, healthcare and non-profit organizations.

People are at the center of my work. Whether it's understanding problems, engaging stakeholders, or working on teams, I work collaboratively. I understand how to design for experiences, products, and services.

I possess an extensive working knowledge of the design fundamentals such as interaction design, user-centered experience design, brand development and the creative process. I am in expert in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Adobe XD as well an expert working knowledge skills in Sketch and InVision.

Please visit Dribbble or Behance for a glance of past and present work.


When I am not designing, I can be found traveling the world (whenever possible), backpacking in the Eastern Sierras, exploring the open road in our van, or reading a good book.

I actively snowboard, trail run, mountain bike, paddle board, and practice yoga.

I have a profound love for photography, anthropology, the environment, history and all variations of art and design. I enjoy getting creative with mediums such as oil pastels, acrylic paint, pen, and ink.


“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”

Marie Curie



I cannot say enough good things about Theresa’s work. We have worked with her for over the past two years, as we launched our company and built out our creative content, for both web and document collateral. Theresa jumped in on day one with passion, taking on the project and acting as our Creative Director. She is prompt, proactive, and her results have turned heads as we’ve launched our product. Even as a contractor, she is often leading meetings, driving actions with the team, and helping us hit what were often tight release deadlines. She has a innate sense of detail, and it shows up in her work. Most recently, to prepare for a conference, we needed a large amount of new material rolled in and updated, and had only days to finalize. Theresa took this task on, fully assuming the timeline burden, and giving us absolutely brilliant pieces of material, which were critical in telling our story. Highly recommend!
— Mac Moore, President/CEO at Conductor Technologies
Not only could I count on Theresa to deliver high-quality work - but I enjoyed having her be a first-class member of our team as a strong collaborator who brought smart ideas and enthusiasm to all projects we worked on together. Theresa led the way on building our design / branding for Conductor - her work was always well thought out, beautifully designed, and always had the branding and technical details thought through. I’d happily work with her again!
— William McDonald, Head of Business Development, Thinkbox at Amazon Web Services
Theresa is a remarkably talented digital designer. She knows how to use design to breath life into any website. She has a deep understanding of the web and can coax beauty and relevance out of any topic. Theresa will take input from all stake holders on a project, sprinkle magical pixie dust, and come back with the design solution that nobody had thought of but everyone knows is right. She is a talented, friendly, dedicated team member. She understands the web inside and out and can design with all of its great possibilities and limitations in mind.
— Jordan Roth, Associate Creative Director at Epsilon
Theresa ranks as one of the top designers I have had the pleasure of working along side. A designer that any team can rely upon to deliver appropriately innovative solutions for a wide range of media requirements, while managing the business requirements flawlessly. She lead our team by example in work ethic, collaboration and by producing ever more inspiring designs. I learned a lot working with Theresa and hope we can work together again in the future.
— Mario Kounio, Creative Director at Publicis.Sapient
Theresa is a outstanding designer! I worked as a front end developer with her at Epsilon and every design we received from her & her team was stellar. Her understanding of responsive design and website design always inspired. Her professionalism is evidenced by the long list of happy clients and impressive projects she has completed. Theresa will quickly become a key asset to any team that has her on board. I can’t recommend her enough!
— Kentaro Fischer, Front-End Engineer at Epsilon
Theresa’s passion for design shows on every project she touches by delivering outstanding quality work that is only matched by her high level of professionalism. Theresa’s ability to stay dedicated and motivated creates a level of inspiration for the junior designers she’s responsible for managing. Theresa flat-out elevates every brand she works on. It has been absolutely fantastic to work with Theresa and I look forward to working with her on more projects in the future.
— Chris Sanders, Creative Director at Hero Digital, LLC
Theresa is a copy writer’s dream partner. She’s collaborative, professional and at the top of her design game. She also has developed a rare skill among designers: she can articulate the vision to junior staff in a way that allows them to create designs that meet the clients’ needs, reflect their own ethos and stay true to the brand.
— Serene Lewis, Director, Content Strategy at Epsilon
Theresa has been a foundation of our design team at SolutionSet and Epsilon. Her strategic vision allows her to see end business goals, her compassion enables a deep understanding of users, and her raw talent delivers breathtaking design products. Theresa’s dedication, professionalism, authenticity and world class design aesthetic make her well liked and highly requested across client teams. Ultimately, Theresa is just totally awesome all around, and I’m incredibly fortunate for having worked with her over the past two years.
— Tony Glorioso VP, Executive Creative Director at Epsilon
Theresa is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her great eye for design, combined with impecable attention to detail made her a team member one could rely on to get a great job done. She performs well under pressure, maintaining focus, calmness and an awesome attitude. I look forward to having the opportunity to collaborate with here again in the future.
— Sebastian Assaf, Senior Visual Designer at Google
What do you get when you hire Theresa as an art director? Well, let’s see. Excellent design chops. Strong conceptual skills. An extremely positive, can-do attitude. Twice the work that you expected, in half the time that you thought possible. How do I know this? Because I was lucky enough to have Theresa join my team at Organic, where she played a critical role in building some world-class interactive experiences for Bank of America. Simply put, she’s awesome.
— Kareem Fahmi, Executive Creative Director at Organic
Theresa is a great member to have on the team. She can hit the ground running from day one and does great creative both on time and on strategy. No drama, no ego, no nonsense—Theresa can work independently and as part of a larger team. I would be honored to work with her again in the future.
— Justin Grinius, Senior art Director at Publicis Modem
Theresa keeps up on what’s happening in design like no other art director I’ve worked with. She’s got her fingers on the pulse, and keeps them there no matter how much the industry twists and turns. She likes to be involved in the concept stage and adds unique ideas and a ton of energy. In execution, she brings key look/feel elements to the design that reinforce the concept visually and get eyes on the main messaging.
— Jeannie Christensen, Senior Content Writer at Publicis Modem
As an art director, Theresa has that ideal combination of disciplined attention to the client’s needs while managing to find a uniquely creative approach to the assignment, that always exceeds expectations. Our company has been comfortable bringing in Theresa to lead design executions across multiple accounts, because she finds that one element or motif, or visual direction that makes the deliverables rise above the norm. It’s just a bonus that she has a genuine kindness and great temperament, and gently offers a qualified point of view to even the most stubborn or turnnel-visions of team members. A true asset to projects of all scopes and complexities.
— Lawrence Schlessinger, Senior Level Producer/Content Strategist at Publicis Modem

Let’s work together.