Delta Airlines: Uplift Employee Rewards Program


After 8-years and waning engagement, Delta Airlines wanted to revamp and revitalize their employee rewards program. They wanted to generate excitement about the program, which incentivizes employees to drive new applications for the Delta Gold and Delta Platinum credit cards from American Express and rewards them for approved applications.


We rebranded the program with an appealing new name,”Uplift”—and a fresh look. We designed and built a web portal. And we continue to design and deploy all program-related emails and assist with training events, collateral, signage and premiums. The new portal, which employees can access at any time on their mobile, tablet and desktop devices, is defined by compelling personalization. A robust dashboard and dynamic, data-driven content let employees easily track their personal rewards status, see how many more application approvals they need to receive an extra bonus, redeem rewards for cash and more.

 In less than a year, program enrollment grew from ~400 employees to nearly 9,000. And Uplift members drove more than 45,000 new credit card accounts.


Agency Epsilon

Role Design Lead, Art Direction

Creative Program Identity + Rebrand, Responsive Website, Rewards Platform, Brand Style Guide


Brand Style Guide

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